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A collection of most common Language and Translation plugins for WordPress. For translations on oneside and actual language used on the frontend there are different bridges to take. Not all content is easy to translate or mimic in another languages without touching the structure or essence of the content, like products in a store, user adjustable options, navigation menu’s and so on. So there is a market for translation, and most Multilanguage WordPress plugins jump in with a free offer up to 2 languages. For more languages a professional fee is necessary.

Luckely the WP developers know there trade and build-in a basic translation structure in WordPress to provide the CMS in multiple languages worldwide.

The core of this translation structure is a globally used method wich uses MO files to translate content. To edit MO files there is a plugin called loco-translate. It provides options to translate MO files within your WordPress installation and thee even is an automatic translate extension for it.

Now, how to provide multilanguage WordPress?

A well know translation plugin is WPML

WPML is a commercial (not free) plugin to translate wordpress content and lot’s of familliar plugins like woocommerce

Another language plugin is Translatepress wich comes free with 2 languages, for more a payed version is available.

Now, when building low budget websites, a cost free solution is hard to find allthough the next translation plugin seems to have a free option;

A great well know plugin is Poly lang which luckily comes with an opensource extension for woocommerce so with Polylang we can go along way without translation costs.

For our clients we have found polylang a good start at low costs, even when is comes to translating the product in Woocommerce. Depending on the customer we will step up with paid translation solutions to customize specific contents.