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What Internet Browser do you use? That sounds like an old question, or is it? Nowadays common people (non-tech web) use either google (chrome mobile) on android, microsoft edge on PC or Safari on MacOS and Iphone. In between their are different browsers used on different mobile devices, most of them ‘webview‘ based on the ‘webkit‘ code for internet browsers.

As a web-developer and web-designer I learned in my early stages of development that the web-browser i use is very important to foresee, tackle and fix website and web-application problems. This is why i tested all major browsers at that time (1998-2008) to conclude the Mac’s Netscape/Safari was the best with it’s early webkit standards for development.
In those days different OS platforms meant different browser options. For a webdeveloper this meant lot’s of work, tweaking 1 interactive design for Internet Explorer, Safari/Webkit, Opera and what more (!?).

Today the web 2.0 is using web-development standards across all major OS platforms. In my business i can now use Mozilla Firefox on all types of computers and devices to improve my web-developer insights.
In this article i’ll continue to collect my Firefox browser experiences and share insight of my working standards.
First: the most used extensions for both security and task improvements.